W1 Ryan Martin Interview

Birmingham BMX Club are very pleased to announce the permanent return of 2 time World Champion Ryan Martin. He has briefly visited us before, but returned to New Zealand after the BMX World events. Here are a few question and answers to introduce him.

When did you start riding BMX?

I started BMX when I was 4 1/2 in New Zealand. The local track was five minutes away and tracks are open for the public to use all the time, my Mom & Dad took me down and that was it, I was hooked.

Which countries have you visited while BMX racing?

New Zealand, Australia, Holland and of course now England & Scotland after last weekend.

How old were you when you knew BMX was for you?

I competed in my first national event (North Island Champs) in 5 Under Sprocket where I came fourth. We didn’t do Nationals the following year as they were in Christchurch & my parents thought it was too far to travel with a 6 year old. I almost stopped riding when the season started up again as I was playing rugby and we didn’t enter the North Island Championships that year. That was it for me….I didn’t want to miss another big race meet. I would have been almost 7 & never missed a national event since then.

When did you win your first major title- when & where?

My first national win was South Island Championships (9 Boys) in Christchurch in 2011. That was the first time I hadn’t placed 2nd at an event. That year I went on to win Oceania Championships, my first National Championship title and North Island Championships. Since then I have won 5 National titles.

How many world titles have you got- when & where?

I have competed at three World Championships and finished 3rd in Birmingham (2012- Boys 10) and won in Auckland (2013-Boys 11) and retained my title in Rotterdam (2014- Boys 12)

Which is your favourite track?

In New Zealand my favourite track was my home track Cambridge and here my favourite track is of course Birmingham.

Current sponsor?

I am sponsored by Yess BMX and David Lloyd Gym (Birmingham)

Worst injury?

I’ve burst my appendix and broken my wrist, both had nothing to do with bmx. I crashed while riding my freestyle bike on the track in just a vest top & shorts and took most the skin off my back, that was three weeks before nationals and was very painful.

Do you enjoy watching/ doing any other sports?

I love playing rugby. I’ve had to stop playing the last couple of years as the rugby season in NZ clashed with worlds. I am looking forward to playing rugby again here as it falls during the bmx off-season. I can’t wait for my other bikes to arrive from New Zealand as I will be back down the skateparks and dirt jumps when ever I can.

Who are your favourite 3 BMX riders?

Liam Philips, Maynard Peel and Clay Merito.

Any training tips for your fellow club mates?

Train to win. I have worked with my coach Kurt James for three years and he taught me to train in the same way you would race. You have to give everything 100% in training otherwise it wont work when you race. Make sure you have a plan when you go and practice and then stick to the plan. The best way to learn new things is to do it with your bmx mates, I enjoyed riding with my mates and pushing ourselves to try new lines and combinations.

Where do you see your BMX career going?

I would like to be a pro-rider and win Olympics. At the moment my focus is on this year and trying to retain my worlds title.

Thanks for the chat and we would like to wish you all the very best in your defence of your world title in Zolder, Belgium.
Good Luck, Ryan

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