Andy Shaw Interview

Watch Andy almost win from gate eight at the Rotterdam Worlds 2014!

Andy Shaw is one of our most experienced club riders. We thought it would be interesting to ask him a few questions about his long and rewarding BMX career.

When did you start riding BMX?

I started racing in 1984.

Which countries have you visited while BMX racing?

Brazil, Canada, China, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, South Korea, Holland, France, Belgium, Latvia, Norway, Hungary, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland.

How old were you when you knew BMX was for you?

I started when I was 9. Every kid had a BMX back then so it was something we all did after school and in our free time. The racing soon followed.

When did you win your first major title- when & where?

To be honest I’ve never really won any titles, had a lot of 2nd’s lol. Won a few Euro rounds over the years and a few nationals. I’ve always been pretty consistent in making finals and have had a few chances to win titles over the years. Maybe the titles are still to come!

How many world titles have you got- when & where?

I’ve had a lot of success in the past ten years or so making 10 World finals and 3 Euro finals. 1998 Euro 3 in Germany. 2006 Euro 6 in England, W4 in Brazil. 2007 W3 & W5 in Canada, 2008 W3 & W5 in China, 2009 W7 in Australia, 2010 W8 South Africa, 2011 W7 Denmark, 2013 W7 New Zealand, 2014 E2 Denmark & W2 Holland.

Which is your favourite track?

Birmingham in the UK, Canada worlds track from 2007.

Current sponsor?

Stay Strong World Team.

Worst injury?

Broken & dislocated wrist in 2004.

Do you enjoy watching/ doing any other sports?

I like watching darts & golf but pretty much a fan of most sports except football.

Who are your favourite 3 BMX riders?

Thomas Allier, Dylan Clayton, Paddy Sharrock.

Any training tips for your fellow club mates?

I think these days with the tracks being a lot more technical you need to ride as much as possible. Don’t waste your sessions at the track, put the training in while you there, structure your track sessions to get the best out of them. You can still have fun and ride after you have put the work in.

Where did you first ride and what clubs have you belonged to?

I raced for many years for Wordsley Warrriors BMX club, then was a member of Milton Keynes as the scene in the Midlands wasn’t really there. Finally joined Birmingham when the track was built a few years ago. BMX in the Midlands was really poor for a number of years due to lack of tracks but now we have a healthy scene with lots of great tracks and riders. It’s good to be a part of great club at Birmingham.

What was your first bike?

I had a Falcon Pro in 1984 then 1st race bike was a Redline.

Who did you used to ride with who are still around?

I rode and travelled the world with Marco (Marco Dellisola) from Stay Strong for the past 15 years or so, we’ve had some great trips and been to a lot of cool places. Also Gareth Bates, he doesn’t ride so much these days but I’m sure we will do a few gates in the near future at the track. These days I enjoy a mid week gate session at Brum with Goughy (Mick Gough) & Martinez (Ben Martinez).

Have you always raced 20” and cruisers?

Yes pretty much always raced both bikes. Although I’ve not raced both together for a few years. Not got the two bike fitness anymore. I’m leaning more towards riding the cruiser these days.

Do you have a favourite race that you were involved in?

Rotterdam worlds for sure, was the hardest race I’ve rode in, 75 riders in the class and a massive achievement to make the final. From lane 8 I thought the best I could do was 4th or 5th. Then to be leading the final was a surreal feeling even though I didn’t hang on for the win still one of the best moments in my life.

I starting racing in 1984, it took me 10 years to make a national final, 15 years to win a national and after 30 years of racing I was nearly world champion last year. I still love racing as much as I ever did and hope for continued success.

Thanks for the chat and we would like to wish you all the very best in the World Championships in Zolder, Belgium next week. Also a very well done for your E7 plate at European Champs in Erp, Holland last weekend.
Good Luck, Andy!

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