Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Age?

    The great thing about BMX racing is that you can be any age!!! We have had a 3½ year old ride the full track here at Birmingham BMX Club. We have even had a six year old clear the first gap on the first jump! If you are not yet ready for the main track, then we have the Pump track and Strider track. There is no age limit, all as we ask is that the rider can trundle around the Strider track or Pump track. At the other end of the scale we have riders who are touching 50 riding in the BMX Cruiser class, so its never too late to start BMX! What are you waiting for??????

  • What Bike?

    Below is a breakdown of all the different bikes you can ride at the track. From tiny scoot bikes with no pedals, through the BMX bikes and finishing with the mountain bikes.

    Scoot bike
    Scoot bikes or balance bikes are designed to get children balancing on a bike with their feet down. This way children get used to being on two wheels straight away. Forget bikes with stabiliser, go for a scoot bike and then get your young riders jumping on one of the below…

    16″ park bikes
    For kids that are 5-8 years old just learning to jump or are a bit heavy with their race bike and want to play around on a more solid bike that forgives mistakes.

    18″ micro race BMX / 20″ micro race BMX / 20″ mini race BMX / 20″ junior race BMX / 20″ expert race BMX / 20″ expert XL race BMX / 20″ pro race BMX / 20″ pro XL race BMX / 20″ pro XXL race BMX / Side hack BMX / 24″ Cruiser / 24″ + 26″ dirt jump mountain bike / 26″ front suspension mountain bike / 26″ full suspension mountain bike /

  • What Kit?

    We have set out certain requirements for riding the Birmingham BMX Race Track and these are:
    -Everyone must wear a Helmet. It must be the correct fit and done up properly.

    -Clothing and body armour requirements:
    Under 10s must wear knee and elbow pads, unless in mx gear with built in pads. Gloves must be worn.
    Under 16 arms and legs must be covered and gloves must be worn.
    Over 16s- we recommend that arms & legs are covered up and wearing gloves.
    However if adults don’t wear gloves or have arms & legs covered it is at their own risk.

  • What Gearing?

    Gearing for BMX riders can be very confusing.
    Riders may have different gearing and switch gearing for different tracks. The crank length and wheel size may also need to be considered when choosing the correct gearing.